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Name: Lauren Day
Gender: Female    Age: ?
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Mar 04
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Lauren Day - professional makeup artist


makeup, celebs, movies, fashion, lipgloss, pink, playboy, photoshoots, glamour, trucks, marilyn monroe.

If I could meet any alive actor, it will be...

Carmen Electra

If I could meet any dead actor, it will be...

Marilyn Monroe

Book I'm reading now...

Victoria Beckham's An Extra Half an Inch

The first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning...

what time is it

The most important thing in my life is...

If I could have any job I wanted it would it be...

Celebrity Makeup Artist

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Favorite Stuff

Favorite Movies

Transformers, Fast & Furious movies, Material Girls, Die Hard movies, Bad Boys 2... lots more.

Favorite TV Shows

Girls of the Playboy Mansion, Sunset Tan, Tyra Banks Show, Rachel Ray, Heroes.

Favorite TV Sitcom

Hope & Faith

Favorite Books

Carmen Electra's How to be Sexy, Victoria Beckham's An Extra Half an Inch, Kevyn Aucoin's Face Forward.

Least Favorite Smells

meat, fish

Favorite Sound

Mariah Carey's voice

Favorite Color

Pink / Purple / Aqua

Favorite Foods

Apple Pie, Lasagna, Butterchicken, Chocolate, Coffe Milk

Favorite Drink

Cowboy, Vanilla Coke

Favorite Sports to Watch