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(Feb 09 2012 21:03)

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jackson Maiko Mhule (May 08 2011 18:01)

u good anna!!!!how is life there
mathew mtali (Sep 23 2008 08:02)

hi anya are there
Miguel Velasquez (Jul 30 2008 16:28)

oyea i can show you pictures that i take from out side.
Miguel Velasquez (Jul 12 2008 09:49)

just asking want to be friends
Miguel Velasquez (Jul 12 2008 09:46)

want to be friends
jackson Maiko Mhule (Jul 04 2008 11:51)

Happy bday anna,hope everything is going well out there,take care
jackson Maiko Mhule (Jul 04 2008 11:50)

Happy bday anna,hope everything is going well out there,take care
Angie Arquilla (Jul 03 2008 22:48)

Hey.. just added pics from your bday to an album on my page.
Natalie Owens (Jun 20 2008 01:25)

hey sexy girl :0
jackson Maiko Mhule (Jun 04 2008 01:52)

Whats up anna!!!!!!!!!! just saying hi to u and ur great family.
Take care of urself
Becky T (Apr 21 2008 08:46)

hey girl. just stopping in to say "hello". its been a hot minute since i last commented you. how was your weekend??
Becky T (Mar 17 2008 09:24)

hey girlie. im dioing good. could be a little better...just been under some stress lately. hopefully that will be gone soon though.
how are you doing??

it was good to hear from you! have a good monday!

Tony t (Mar 16 2008 00:16)

u r seriously one fine chicken
BARBIE RIVIERA (Mar 04 2008 20:44)

hey you! i think i saw you on myspace somewhere!!!! and i thought I need this hot european on my list! i will try to find youuuuuu xxx
kisses i am good! how is your beautiful baby?
jackson Maiko Mhule (Feb 23 2008 23:51)

Whats up Anna!im just saying hi,how r u doing.
Angie Arquilla (Jan 11 2008 13:56)

Hey there...What are you doing today? Call me later.
jackson Maiko Mhule (Dec 26 2007 14:52)

Hey whats up sis! thanx so much for the wishes i apriciate,my christmas was great,i had best time of it,i hope u did too.Take care
Becky T (Dec 26 2007 11:00)

hey sweetie. thank you for the holiday wishes. i had a great christmas, hope you did as well!
Natalie Owens (Dec 24 2007 10:50)

BARBIE RIVIERA (Dec 23 2007 22:17)

jackson Maiko Mhule (Dec 15 2007 10:45)

Whats up sis?wish u merry x-mass n new year
Angie Arquilla (Dec 14 2007 12:16)

Hey Friend. Good to see you of course :O) Let's get together soon.
Natalie Owens (Nov 23 2007 12:07)

I hope you had a happy thanksgiving, we all have so many things to be thankful for. May God Bless you your friends and family. I hope you had an AWESOME Lunch or Dinner yesterday!! xoxo

Love Natalie--
Kenny Bunch (Nov 21 2007 21:16)

Happy Thanksgiving from Colorado.
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