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Happy Birthday Molly Shea

March 8th, 2009

Hope you have a fabulous 22nd Birthday Molly!


Leave Molly A Happy Birthday Message on her Photospace page.

Pic of the Day: Time For Dinner

February 26th, 2009

diner_flatwear_bryan I was thinking the other day about how great it would be to get ‘real’ pictures of food options at some of today’s best restaurants to get an idea of whether I really wanted to order it. I mean, the photos on menus at the chain restaurants are clearly touched up versions of what actually comes out of the kitchen. And the sloppy plates of food on the windows of most fast Chinese and Mexican food restaurants are hardly appetizing.

I guess that is one of the benefits of a site like Photospace. You can start your own photo blog or photo album dedicated to the food you have ordered and eaten. You can leave comments on whether it was worth it and recommend it or help us all avoid it. It’s really easy these days with cameras built into your phones and simple programs for downloading and posting them to your favorite photosharing site.

Have a favorite meal you’d love to share with your friends? Have a horrible experience that you want to make sure no one duplicates? Post it on your profile page or comment here.

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Get to Know Natalie Owens, Miss Photospace

February 25th, 2009

natalie_owensI hope everyone here on Photospace get to know Natalie Owens, our own Miss Photospace.  Natalie is a smart, sexy, ambitious girl who drives all the enthusiasm and love for what we do here on the site.  Here’s a few fun facts about Natalie:

  • Natalie is the youngest in her family
  • She is Native American / Welsh
  • She loves tanning and working out
  • She hopes to own her own tanning salon one day
  • Songs in her playlist right now include Party Like a Rockstar (ShopBoyz) and There It Go (Juelz Santana)

Drop by and say “Hi” To Natalie. You may be seeing her at future Photospace sponsored events as well.

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Jeff Bozz On the Palms Red Carpet

February 25th, 2009

Jeff Bozz and Devin Haman have created a tanning empire and stardom for themselves as entrepreneurs with personality and smarts.  Just a few months ago, they attended the Palms Place Hotel and Spa Red Carpet event and talked about the success of their endeavor and Sunset Tan on E!

Read the Photospace Exclusive Interview with Jeff Bozz

Oscars 2009 In Photos

February 23rd, 2009

Okay Photospacers, who caught shots of the celebrity glams last night? Did anyone catch Angie and Brad grabbing their limo? How about any late night stops at the In-n-Out?  Come on people, I want to see photos of the action.  Even if it was just a glimpse outside an after-party.

Okay - if you didn’t get to be in the middle of the fanfare, how about pictures from your Oscar watch parties? I know you have them.  If 50 years down the road, the Oscars turn into an American Idol-esque gross distortion of itself, we are going to want to have pictures of what these events used to be and the fanfare around them.

Share your photos hear or post them to your account with the description “Oscars 2009″

Pictures from Honduras by Jeff Snyder

February 19th, 2009

Jeff Snyder posted some excellent pictures from his trip to Honduras.  He really captured the spirit and personality of the country.  Some of those kids are just too darn cute.



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Muppet News: Rowlf the Dog In His Prime

February 17th, 2009

For all you muppet lovers out there, check out this great little article on the origins of your favorite muppet characters.  Did you know Miss Piggy was from Iowa?  And that Rizzo the Rat was named after Dustin Hoffman’s Midnight Cowboy character? My favorite muppet is Rowlf the Dog. He was a sarcastic puppet from his youth. His appearances on the Jimmy Dean show I think are the best, far better than his Muppet Show work. Check out these clips of Rowlf in his prime.

Vacation Pic Tips n’ Tricks

February 16th, 2009

A lot of us are preparing for a family vacation for Spring Break to somewhere warm with a lot of sun, maybe some sand and a sea of blue water.  If you plan on capturing the week on film and sharing it with your friends on photospace, you may want to take some of these tips and tricks from Kodak with you.  The people at Kodak have put together some helpful ideas for taking the best pictures in the sun or in the water. That way we all will be able to enjoy those great pics when you return from a week of vacation fun.

Video of the Week: Wakeboard Wipe-Outs

February 16th, 2009

Thanks Dustin for sharing this great video of major crashes caught on camera during wakeboarding competitions.  Some of these are pretty gnarly!

Check out more videos and photos shared by Dustin.

Hot Celebrity Pics With Bambi Lashell

February 13th, 2009

Photospace has become a great place for friends to share pics of their celebrity encounters.  The beautiful Bambi Lashell has had a few brushes with some Hollywood celebs and has shared those photos with her friends.  I particularly love this one with the real Girls Next Door, Holly Madison and Bridgette Marquardt (check out Bridge’s new Man) and oh, the enigmatic Mr. Hugh Hefner.


Here’s Bambi with Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav.

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Pic of the Day: Seexy

February 12th, 2009

I think this photo is absolutely beautiful.  I wish the Photospace user would have provided more info on this shot. Enjoy just the same.

Holly and Molly Moments: Chris Kattan Gets Ollied

February 11th, 2009

Our Miss Ollies shined brightly on Sunset Tan on E! Some moments are too precious to forget.  Enjoy this little moment with Holly and Molly and SNL’s Chris Kattan as they try to force him into a tanning bed.

Visit Holly’s Photospace Page
Visit the Jeff Bozz Sunset Tan Photospace Page

Video of the Day: Seth Gets Real

February 10th, 2009

I love when Seth Meyers gets real and sarcastic on the News Update. This week he took on Kelloggs and the swimming associated that have chastised Michael Phelps for smoking marijuana.  Freakin’ funny.

Saturday Night Live - Really?!?: Michael Phelps

Hot Vids: Brittany n’ Rihanna

February 10th, 2009

Who doesn’t love Brittany? OK, so many of you maybe. But you can’t deny a fascination with the former mouseketeer turned paparazzi prize. Her music will get stuck in your head like nobody’s business.  Now, tie that with the sex appeal and seduction of Rihanna…you’ve now got a match made in a disturbed, funky heaven.

Enjoy this little video mash of Rihanna’s Umbrella and Britney’s Oops I did it Again.  The slowed temped mix of red and black leather make this combination sultry, sexy and hip.

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NY Sunrises: Great Way to Start My Day

February 10th, 2009

Are you a west coaster with a need for a real boost in the morning? Interested in knowing how the other side of the country is waking up?  Flytographer has boasted an pretty little video on the sunsets of New York.  While she scans the horizon as the sun comes over the Hudson River and shines brightly on the many boats in the water, she talks about New York and what it can feel like for a New Yorker.

Check it out:

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