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Get to Know Natalie Owens, Miss Photospace

natalie_owensI hope everyone here on Photospace get to know Natalie Owens, our own Miss Photospace.  Natalie is a smart, sexy, ambitious girl who drives all the enthusiasm and love for what we do here on the site.  Here’s a few fun facts about Natalie:

  • Natalie is the youngest in her family
  • She is Native American / Welsh
  • She loves tanning and working out
  • She hopes to own her own tanning salon one day
  • Songs in her playlist right now include Party Like a Rockstar (ShopBoyz) and There It Go (Juelz Santana)

Drop by and say “Hi” To Natalie. You may be seeing her at future Photospace sponsored events as well.

Create a Photospace account and start sharin photos with Miss Photospace and other great people here.

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